Friday, April 8, 2016


So a little lighter of a tale…. One day back when I was an autopsy technician I was working on a severely decomposed body performing a process called “degloving” in which I was using a scalpel to removed the top layer of skin on the thumbs and index fingers of the decedent and placing them over my own in the hopes I could get a decent print to run through the state ID system to identify the person.  There is something about the odor of a decomposed body in which it spreads all through the area you are working in.  I was quite use to the smell and barely registered it. 

That particular day there were several maintenance men working in the autopsy suite. It was connected to the room in which I was working, by sliding doors.  At one point the several men walked out into the room where I was.  They had their shirts pulled up over their mouths and noses, thinking that would actually block the smell. One asked me “doesn’t that smell bother you??” to which I replied by stepping closer to the remains and taking a big breath IN, then stating “nope”!!  I know this was a tad unprofessional but what happened next made it very worth it!

One of the guys gagged and started to run towards the slider leading outside to the parking lot; however I had the sensor turned off because every bird that flies by opens the door if it is left on.  I knew he was going to be stuck and I did not want to clean up his vomit so I also ran to the slider.  I pushed it to slide open with my left hand, and he looked over to me and seem to focus on the fact I was holding up my right hand to in order to not lose the decedent’s finger tips I was wearing over my own. His face contorted and he hurried outside and of course vomited into the bushes. 

He never came back to do any maintenance work again. 

OOPS sorry about that….